Mission & Vision

Welcome to the specialist for the risk-conscious handling of the General Data Protection Regulation! You are in the right place!

Our main task is to prevent your company from being subjected to severe punishment by data protection authorities! When it comes to GDPR, we offer our full support to business and frontline management to minimize risk!

We see our mission as relieving companies and their management of the impending risks and disruptive inconveniences caused by the GDPR. Increase the risk awareness of the management with our know-how and at the same time control the uncertainty factor GDPR!

Our support, therefore, lies in the fulfillment of your duties towards the regulator and the persons concerned. We help you to prove that you have not misjudged the risk and can fully comply with all requirements of the GDPR.

We take care of the actual hot spots, which companies have neglected in the initial implementation for time and cost reasons. Now, 18 months after its entry into force, we are being informed by our managers about their concerns and difficulties. One of the biggest is the non-continuous implementation of the GDPR in complex corporate structures. Managing directors are now demanding a transparent current situation and at the same time are complaining about a lack of resources and budget funds for subsequent implementation. One point, however, has particularly sparked our interest: top management now seems to be aware of the risk and wants to fix the condition as quickly as possible, because the actual risk of severe punishment has been rising acutely in recent weeks.

Regardless of the language in which the abbreviation is translated, it is always about the letter D! D for DATA! The law alone serves the protection of data! Therefore, we would like to re-adjust the focus of managing directors and follow GDPR's primary requirement:


It is actually as simple as it sounds!

Recently, data was referred to as large capital for businesses. Today, these represent a high risk for companies and management! Companies from the mass data business, who have been hailed as the rising stars of the economy, are now being labeled as pirates hunting human identities.

Every company (including our own) needs personal data to maintain the business. This is an industry-independent fact. However, the time has now come to view our data as a realistic threat and pay much more attention to it.

Here we see artificial intelligence as the key to success! AI has all the prerequisites to deal with the risk-neutral and without a break with the same demands. Unrivaled, we offer you an automated way to quickly audit and monitor the risk for you in a short time!

We have developed a solution that puts you in the situation with a look back to making your future safe!